Hi there! This is an extremely self-indulgent (and often hyperbolic) space for me to share stories of everything and everyone that intrigues me. Category or limit no bar. Proceed at your own risk.

During the week, I work a 9-5 job for an (incredible) ed-tech organisation and pursue my professional dreams that pay the bills. After hours and on weekends, I write this newsletter (and try to be regular with it) to indulge in more personal and creative endeavours.

Hope you enjoy reading this newsletter as much as I enjoy writing it.

I also take pictures of everyone and everything around me for no reason beyond sheer curiosity and a need to document; they can be found @matchainoatmilk.

- Just a “twenty something” with a lot to say

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I see stories everywhere so I (try to) write about them. Can't describe this newsletter as anything less or more than that. You'll just have to look for yourself.